is an innovative solution for non-profit and for-profit organizations looking for alternate means of fundraising or revenue generation, though a privately-branded wine club using your organization's name and logo. 

Fundraising has never been easier. Or more delicious.

How It Works

Partnering with to launch your own fundraising wine club is simple. First, you work with our team to determine the best wine club model for your organization: the number of shipments per year, the number of wines per shipment, wine styles, and overall shipment price. Our standard shipment is three bottles of wine (one white, two reds) every quarter for $99, but we can customize your club to make it right for you. 

Upon agreement, we launch your wine club with a privately-branded portal site featuring your organization's name, logos, and color scheme, linked either through our website or your own site. You promote the club to your supporters and send them to your wine club portal, where they sign up for the club. Whenever a regular shipment is due, charges the members' credit cards on file and ships out the wines across the country from our warehouse in the heart of California's Central Coast wine country. We handle all wine selections, procurement, licensing, shipping, compliance, liability, taxation, and customer service. Your organization just sits back and collects a check.

How And When You Get Paid

Payment to your organization is made no more than thirty days after your shipment is released to your members. We present you with a full accounting of the revenue raised and wine costs for the member shipments, and then we split the remaining gross profit with your organization 50/50. This means that on our standard 3 bottles for $99 wine club, our model guarantees your organization at least a $25 return on every club member shipment.

All overhead and logistics costs and handled through the percentage of gross profit, so your organization is not responsible for them, nor will they dig into your profit. Non-profit wine club partners receive their portion of the revenue from us as a charitable donation, while for-profit partners receive the revenue as an licensing fee for use of your name and logo, which means no issues for either set of institutions with taxation, liability, or your tax-exempt status.   


Where The Wines Come From

As a subsidiary of the country's foremost niche wine online retailer, we have cultivated tremendous relationships with scores of winery partners throughout California to showcase their hand-crafted wines through our wine clubs. Typically, we work with smaller, family-run boutique wineries producing 7000 cases or less per year, and we work closely with our partners to provide only their finest award-winning, highest-rated wines to our club members. These are not mass-distributed wines that you will find in your local supermarket, liquor store, or wine shop. They are the true gems of California winemaking, wines of the highest quality that you will be proud to share at your next dinner party, cocktail reception, or just casually drinking with friends.

The exclusive agreements we have with our winery partners allows us to keep the cost of our wines low, typically at a 50% or less wholesale rate, which means a higher profit margin per member for your wine club. We are constantly seeking our new winery partners and adding to our portfolio of award-winning wines from throughout California. For a list of our current winery partners, please click here.

The Benefits of a Fundraising Wine Club

There are many reasons for your organization to launch a fundraising wine club for your supporters with, but we think you'll agree that these benefits listed below are the most important:

  • Provides your organization with a regular, recurring revenue stream.
  • Makes recurring fundraising simple for donors, as their credit cards are kept on file in a securely encrypted database and charged only for each shipment, until they cancel their membership.
  • Guarantees you revenue from the first member signed up.
  • No up-front or on-going costs or fees.
  • Gives your donors a tangible product for their donations and a reason to keep donating over and over again.
  • Complements your current fundraising efforts without conflicting with other programs or drawing potential donors away from larger gifting tiers.
  • Increases your total donations and revenue by spurring supporters who normally might not have contributed or may have contributed less in the past to become part of the club and donate regularly. 
  • Allows you to stay in constant touch with your donors via shipment inserts, e-mails, communications, etc.
  • Eliminates any potential liability risk for your organization by allowing to handle all club logistics in-house and under our licensing. 

How To Launch Your Own Wine Club

We think it is time you launch a fundraising wine club of your own, and is here to help you do that.

To learn more about our wine club opportunities for either non-profit or for-profit companies, please download our Wine Club Executive Summary one-sheets here. Branded Non-Profit Wine Clubs Branded For-Profit Wine Clubs

Or to answer any additional questions you might have and get the club launch process started, contact us directly at 805-369-2031 or use the form below.

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